What is the process?

  • Lauinger Library Under Construction

    Lauinger Library Under Construction

    A photograph from 1968 showing the process of building the library.

  • Hariri Hall

    Hariri Hall

    The home of the McDonough School of Business, under construction in 2008.

  • parking garage under construction

    parking garage under construction

    Photo from 2001, showing the digging in preparation for the construction of the parking garage under the Southwest Quad.

To start a project, simply fill out a Georgetown Project Initiation form. Requestors must provide information regarding the project, including the funding source (inclusive of all tags) and budget limitations.

Projects typically involve the reconfiguration of space (for example, the insertion or removal of a wall to divide or enlarge an office). Projects above $50,000 require a Tollgate which is a document that defines the scope, requirements, schedules, budget, justifications, risks and mitigation efforts and funding source (including additional operating expenses if needed) for a project. The Tollgate document is the authorization mechanism as the document must pass through the following levels of approval dependent upon total project value (design, construction and associated costs).

  • Projects below $50,000 (inclusive of all costs) require departmental and CFO approval.
  • Projects between $50,000 and $250,000 (inclusive of all costs) require an internal Tollgate routed for approval after departmental approval.
  • Projects between $250,000 and $750,000 (inclusive of all costs) require approval of the Finance Committee of the President’s Executive Committee.
  • Projects $750,000 and greater (inclusive of all costs) require Board approval after the aforementioned approvals.

Facilities Management performs routine maintenance as well as repairs on equipment. They offer a list of services at additional service rates if desired. For facilities services which do not require space reconfiguration, please visit the Facilities Management page.

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