Sponsored University Affiliate (SUA) Processing

When a contract employee will be on campus for an ongoing period time or when the contract employee requires access to University resources or buildings, the University requires that the contract employee be processed through the Sponsored University Affiliates (SUA) program. This will allow the vendor employee to have a university GOCard and email account.  This is also a requirement for vendor employees who may need regular access to the university buildings.

A SUA employee must be sponsored by a University employee.  The following steps are required when bringing a SUA on board: 

  • The department sponsor must complete this form and bring or send with the vendor employee. This is an internal department form that provides additional information for our processing of the SUA paperwork.  This includes, but is not limited to, buildings for which access is requested, end date of affiliation, etc.
  • If the SUA will need access to the residential facilities, a criminal background check is required and must be completed before the SUA paperwork is submitted. Background check information should be provided to the Contracts office who will provide verification that it has successfully been completed.
  • When coming to complete the required paperwork, the vendor employee should be prepared to provide picture identification.
  • Once the application is entered, the vendor employee and sponsoring University employee will receive emails with directions for completion of the processing.
  • Once these steps are done, the vendor employee may go to the GOCard office to receive his or her GOCard. 
  • SUA records will expire after one year or earlier depending on the term of the work required. The University Sponsor is responsible for notifying the Business Office if a vendor employee ends work on Georgetown’s campus.  This will ensure that any access that is assigned is removed timely.
  • SUA will not be automatically renewed.  The University Sponsor will be contacted to verify that the vendor employee is still assigned to the University  and needs to maintain the access that was assigned.
  • Upon completion of the contract work, the GOCard must be returned to the PFM Business Office. It is the University Sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that this card and any other University issued property is returned.