Planning, Design, and Construction Team


October and November of 2020 marked the retirement of three gentlemen who have a combined 100 years of service to Georgetown University.  Isaac Blair, Lenn Robinson, and Joseph Taylor, thank you for all your contributions to the built environment of this ever-changing campus.  We wish you all the best and want you to know that you will be missed.

Gina Bleck, A.I.A.
University Architect

Gina Bleck earned a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Boston Architectural College and an executive master’s in leadership from GU’s McDonough School of Business in 2015. She has worked in the project administration industry for nearly thirty years. Her internship began in architectural firms, although she comes from a family of electricians. Institutional work has been her passion, leading her to roles in owner enterprises beginning in 1999 at Rutgers University. She joined Georgetown University’s Planning & Facilities Management team in 2009 and serves as the Asst. VP for Design & Construction, overseeing a staff of project administration professionals as well as the aesthetics of the university’s built environment. Contact: (202) 687-3219

Patrick Amorosa, A.I.A.
Staff Architect

Patrick Amorosa graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and has been with Georgetown University since 2011. He has been licensed as an architect in the District of Columbia since 2015, holds an NCARB Certificate, and is a LEED Green Associate.  He manages the design process for university renovations, provides in-house design services, and oversees projects through construction.  Recently he has been involved in several lab renovations in Regents Hall, the design of the future Muslim Prayer Room in Village C, and new tenant space for the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London. Contact: (202) 687-6271

Alex Berley, P.E.
Senior Project Manager

Alex Berley holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and MS in Structural Engineering from North Carolina State University. His experience includes civil design for commercial properties, full lifecycle development of real estate projects, and work as owner’s representative to institutional clients. Alex has worked at Georgetown University since early 2018. He has been managing the East West Road project and serves as GU’s Project Management liaison on the Medstar Surgical Pavilion project. Alex served as Vice Chair of the District of Columbia Construction Codes Board from 2009 to 2014. Contact:

Isaac Blair, A.I.A., N.O.M.A.
Director of Quality Assurance

Isaac Blair has worked at Georgetown since the 1970s and has watched the campus transform, witnessing the construction of Village A, Alumni Square, the Leavey Center, the ICC, the Hariri Building, Regents Hall, and the Research Building at the Medical Center over the years. He has personally overseen many projects at Georgetown, including the original construction of the Village C residence hall, as well as renovations of Healy Hall, Copley Hall, and Lauinger Library. Contact: (202) 687-7456

Joanna Groberg

Joanna Groberg manages Georgetown University’s vast collection of architectural and engineering drawings, some of which date back to the late 1800s. She enjoys assisting university staff and consultants with their information requests.  In 1986 she graduated from Georgetown University, and in 1993 she received a master’s degree in archives and records management from the University of Maryland. Joanna has worked at Georgetown as the archivist for Planning, Design, and Construction  since 1995. Contact: (202) 687-9501

Chris Jordan, A.I.A.
Senior Project Manager and Architect

Chris Jordan attended Clemson University for his master’s degree in architecture and has worked at Georgetown University since 1986.  Some of his major past projects include the Wagner Alumni House, the Rafik B. Hariri Building, the award-winning Calcagnini Contemplative Center, the 2011-2013 renovations of Nevils residence halls, and the Thompson Athletic Center.  Currently, he is managing the construction of Cooper Field and Med-Dent infrastructure improvements. Contact: (202) 687-7556

Lorena Permuy,
Senior Architect, Historic Preservation Planner

Contact: (202) 687-0948

Lenn Robinson, A.I.A.
Senior Project Manager and Architect

Lenn Robinson earned his undergraduate degree in architecture at Howard University and his master’s at the Catholic University of America. He has worked at Georgetown since 1992 and managed many major projects, such as the renovations to the Village A, Darnall, New South, Copley residence halls, as well as the consolidation of LXR (Loyola, Xavier, and Ryder) into a single hall. Recently, he was in charge of the award-winning Georgetown School of Continuing Studies on Massachusetts Avenue, and the renovation of the Healey Family Student Center in the New South Building. He was the project manager of the Pedro Arrupe, S.J. residence hall and is currently working on the University’s program for Wisconsin Avenue. Contact:  (202) 687-7566

Adam Rogers, P.E.
Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Adam Rogers earned a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His career has largely been as a fire protection engineering for the Smithsonian Institution. He has overseen the fire protection and life safety aspects of design and construction of numerous projects throughout the Smithsonian’s 20 museums and multiple research centers. Significant projects included the National Museum of American History core renovation, the National Museum of Natural History renovations and the National Native American Veterans Memorial. He joined the Planning, Design, and Construction team in 2019.Contact: 202-687-0945

Amy Sanderson, A.I.A
Assistant University Architect

Amy Sanderson earned her degree in architecture from the University of Maryland and has been with Georgetown University since 2007. She has worked on numerous projects for Georgetown, including the renovation of Dahlgren Chapel and Quadrangle, the Residential Master Plan, and Arrupe Hall. She served as the Senior Project Architect for the renovation of the Former Jesuit Residences: Ryan Hall and Isaac Hawkins Hall, as well as the de la Cruz Art Gallery in the Walsh Building. She is currently working on renovations of Copley Crypt and St. William Chapel and the “office of the future”, Georgetown Uptown. Contact: (202) 687-0725

Carla Tiberi, A.S.L.A.
University Landscape Architect

Carla Tiberi has been a licensed Landscape Architect for thirty years, working for institutions of higher education as well as for private design firms.  She earned her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Syracuse University and has a bachelor’s degree in Planning and Environmental Design. Carla has worked at Georgetown University since 2014 and recently managed the Yates Intramural Sports Playing Surface project along with a number of beautification projects throughout campus. Contact: (202) 687-5972

Sheila Hooks-Thompson

Since 1999, Sheila Hooks Thompson has worked for Georgetown University’s accounting departments in a diverse range of capacities, not only gaining a holistic perspective on the institution’s financial framework, but also developing a deep knowledge of theinstitution’s commitment to growth and excellence in all its endeavors.Her career began in the Student Accounts department. Shortly after her appointment, she was promoted and transferred to the Law Center’s Financial Aid department to help manage the school’s Loan Repayment Program. Five years later, she was promoted to Senior Accountant and transferred to Georgetown’s General Accounting office where she managed a broad scope of financial projects for 15 years. In her current role in the University’s Planning, Design, and Construction department, she provides accounting and capital project support to the architects and engineers in the department and to Georgetown as a whole.

Cornelius Weaver, M.A., PMP
Senior Project Manager

Cornelius Weaver earned his degree in architectural engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology and his master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Saint Louis University. He is currently working on the renovation at Alumni Square and the upgrade to the Central Utility Plant. Contact: (202)-687-4916

Katherine Williams, A.I.A.
Senior Project Manager

Katherine Williams joined Georgetown in 2020. She is a licensed architect and also has experience in real estate development and on the general contractor side. She is managing several renovation projects on campus. Katherine earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Howard University and her Master of Science in real estate from American University. Contact: 202-687-6215