Engineering and Administration

The engineering and administration section of the Department of Energy and Utilities provides oversight for the department, directs campus projects, and handles commodity procurement for the University.

The administrative team tracks commodity markets and seeks to limit Georgetown’s raw exposure to the market by buying blocks of energy when the market is favorable. This practice limits risksand stabilizes budget projections. Live tracking information on commodity markets allows them to decide when to procure or arbitrage a position. Through analysis of market prices, forecasts of university usage, and discussion with industry professionals, they provide the Vice President of Planning and Facilities Management accurate information for time sensitive decision-making.

The administrative team determines which operating mode and fuel choice the Central Plant will function on, taking into consideration the state of the utilities economy and the availability of manpower and equipment.

The administrative team is responsible for compliance with our Title V Permit regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency in the Clean Air Act of 1990. They must complete a semi-annual and annual Title V report for this permit. Currently, Georgetown University is the lowest emissions producer of its size in the District of Columbia.

The administrative team maintains records for billing with each utility company and handles cost recovery from external users (i.e. the Hospital and Epicurean). They coordinate monthly meters reads around campus for this purpose. Meter and usage information are used to generate historical reports to use for forecasting, planning, and preventive maintenance. Since a large portion of our budget is commodities, forecasting and accruals are an important part of the administrative team’s responsibilities.

The engineering team works together to plan and complete projects around campus. These projects are driven by a commitment to sustainability and system efficiency.