High Voltage

The high voltage electricians operate and maintain the high voltage distribution network that supplies power to campus. They are responsible for getting the electricity from Pepco’s seven incoming lines to the switchboards found in each building. The high voltage electricians maintain all system components, circuit breakers, cables, and other necessary pieces of equipment. They coordinate with Pepco and other contractors to provide comprehensive support to the electrical system. They test, calibrate, and monitor usage of meters and other recording devices.

While it was running, the high voltage electricians maintained the Intercultural Center’s 300kW photovoltaic rooftop array. Installed in the summer of 1984, the array provided solar power to the ICC for twenty-seven years before it was shut down in December 2011. The panels had a projected lifespan of only twenty years, so the longevity of Georgetown’s array was impressive. It now lies quietly on the roof of the ICC, still a symbol to Georgetown’s commitment to sustainability and renewable power.