Partnership Staff

About Our Staff

The partnership staff comprise both Georgetown Utilities employees and ENGIE employees. Combining the institutional experience of Georgetown’s Utilities team with facility systems and infrastructure expertise of ENGIE’s team will ensure professional management of the university’s vital energy system. 

We have committed to ensuring University employees affected by this new partnership can continue to be employed either by Georgetown or, if they wish, by ENGIE. Georgetown and ENGIE are committed to the existing utility staff that has the knowledge, experience and long-term success managing the University’s utility system. During the transition, ENGIE will make an offer of employment to 100% of the utility team members at both the main and law campuses. ENGIE will lean on the expertise of this team moving forward. Should University employees choose to stay employed by Georgetown, we will maintain a position for them, which will be outside of the utility plant and related systems. We will also continue to honor all collective bargaining obligations that the University has with respect to the formation of this partnership and its effects on employees represented by the 1199SEIU union.

Union Employees

1199SEIU, the union representing utility employees, has been introduced to and directly interacted with the University’s ENGIE Transitional Team on several occasions. Our Human Resources department has been working closely to keep the union abreast of the concession agreement progress and transition period expectations.