Special Services

Certain non-routine services may be requested by a department or office.  These services are normally charged to the department requesting the service.


Exterior and common area interior painting is scheduled on a routine basis and also as needed.  Every effort is made to program exterior painting frequently enough to avoid the deterioration of facilities.  Interior painting schedules are generally determined by the availability of funds.  Non-routine and departmental painting must be funded by the requestor.

Renovations and Improvements

The  Facilities Management Department plans and carries out renovation, alteration, and improvement of the University’s academic, research, residential, and support facilities as needed to accommodate new or changed programs.  Such work is normally funded by the requesting organization.

Most renovations of limited scope, are assigned to in-house employees.  Construction or renovation work exceeding $5,000 however, is usually performed by contract.  

Desired renovation work should be described in detail on-line and submitted to the Work Management Center for your location.  To facilitate the requestor’s budget planning, the Facilities Management Department can develop an estimated budget.  The Design and Construction Department will provide a preliminary scope of a project, with estimated costs for work of greater magnitude.

Work by Contract

Construction, repair, and renovation work may be performed by contract.  All minor work by contract is administered and inspected by a project manager or small projects manager.  All major and project contract work is inspected and administered by the Design and Construction Department.  Construction management costs are billed to the project.