Project Initiation

Start or Initiate a Project


Please submit requests for FY18 end projects and Summer 2018 projects no later than

Thursday, November 30, 2017.

As with all construction projects, initiating a project as early as possible is essential to its timely completion. It is especially important to allow adequate time to plan, schedule, design, bid and secure University approvals. Every effort will be made to accomplish those projects prior to the beginning of the Fall semester 2018. However, due to the volume of summer projects already planned and the resources required to complete projects, there is a possibility that projects requested after this date will not be delivered on time.

All project requests including those for space, new facilities, renovations, and infrastructure projects fall under the purview of Campus & Strategic Planning.  Projects are initiated through the Georgetown Project Initiation (GPI) proposal form or the Program Definition Document (PDD).

Projects are renovations and new construction including:

  • Deferred Maintenance
  • Capital Renewal
  • Capital Improvement
  • Renovation to existing space
  • New Construction
  • Real Estate Leases
  • New Furniture
  • New Building Signage

Requests for upgrades to finishes (carpet and paint) and equipment repairs are considered Work Requests.  Work Requests for upgrades to finishes, maintenance and repair may be submitted online any time through Facilities Management.

Initiating a project? Click here to view the planning process and project workflow.

Planning Process and Project Workflow

Georgetown Project Initiation (GPI)

When project funding is allocated in the capital plan or operating reserves are identified, the GPI shall be used to propose the start of a project, documenting the known requirements of the proposed project including schedule and funding sources.  The GPI contains a project description including the programmatic justification, a description of the problem or opportunity, and budget and schedule constraints. The submitted form is sent to the campus business officer for the designated operating unit to approve project initiation.

The GPI provides Campus & Strategic Planning a starting point to understand the request from the client and does not commit the project funding.  It is a method to develop metrics, program requirements,  and the ability to prioritize incoming project requests based on initial approvals.

A project proposal may be initiated using the Georgetown Project Initiation (GPI) form.


GPI Process Diagram


  • GPI’s may be submitted at any time.
  • All GPI submissions for fiscal year end funding shall be submitted no later than December 22.
  • All GPI submissions for the summer phase and/or the start of the new academic calendar shall be submitted no later than December 22.
Program Definition Document (PDD)

To submit a project for the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) a PDD shall be used. The Capital Improvement Program objectively prioritizes capital project requirements and communicates those requirements to University leadership to allow for informed decision making and effective risk management. The Capital Improvement Plan provides a prioritization of capital projects that will be matched against financial capacity. 

Projects submitted through the PDD will be rated according to strategic objectives and urgency.  University Subject Matter Experts evaluate each PDD according to the following criteria:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Mission Accommodation
  • Economics
  • Historic Preservation
  • Sustainability
  • Philanthropy/Extramural Funding
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Projects not funded will be maintained in the long term Capital Improvement Plan, which is re-prioritized on an annual basis.  The list of unfunded requirements will be used to effectively manage the associated risk of a deferred maintenance backlog and deferral of other mission requirements.

The PDD contains a general project description and requires programmatic justification according to strategic objectives.  The submitted form is sent to the campus business officer for the designated operating unit to approve inclusion in the Capital Improvement Program.

A project may be submitted for the Capital Improvement Plan using the Program Definition Document (PDD) form.


CIP Process Diagram
CIP Process Presentation


  • PDD’s may be submitted at any time.  
  • All PDD submissions for inclusion in the next fiscal year FY2019 Capital Improvement Plan shall be submitted no later than August 25, 2017.