About us

Campus green aerial rendering

Capital Projects is responsible for the planning, designing, and construction of Georgetown University’s built environment. Our project management professionals liaise with faculty, students, and staff to complete a range of projects, from building new construction at the expanding Capitol Campus, to preserving the historic Gaston Hall Balcony in Healy Hall with many facility improvement projects in between.  Capital Projects delivers client-focused services and solutions to the Georgetown University community, protecting and maximizing resources, while advancing Georgetown’s Catholic and Jesuit heritage.

Our projects are handled by in-house professionals but sometimes require the assistance of external design and construction consultants. All projects must be pre-approved by the client department’s business manager and its campus CFO prior to initiation. Project administration provides assistance with the creation of the order of magnitude budgets to accompany a department’s desired scope and schedule. Once a project is defined, project administration costs are charged to each project to support project managers and contract staff whose salaries are soft-funded.

Contact us

Leavey Center Suite or mail us at: facilitiesplanning@georgetown.edu