Facilities Management

Our Work Management Center is here for you!
You can find our team behind the double glass doors labeled Harbin Hall B-24 Facilities Management on the same elevation as Cooper Field. As we start preparing for the fall, please have patience with us. We are working to overcome our high volume of work from the pandemic and move-in of all staff and students.

Work Management reviews all requests submitted online (new window). Alternatively, you can call 202-687-3432 or visit to office. For status updates, please follow our process defined in our FAQ’s section below.

Our Work Management team is dedicated to answering or forwarding your questions to the right experts on campus. Meet our team!

Work Order Process

Facilities Request FAQ’s

Submit a Request: Our Work Management Center will receive your request and approve it to become a work order with a unique work order number. On rare occasions, your ticket may be rejected for missing information or duplication. Please re-submit a ticket with the missing information suggested or call us for confirmation of our process at (202) 687-3432. 

Request Approved (email): You will receive an email with your new Work Order number. Please check your status online by searching for your Work Order number.

Work Order Scheduled (email): A technician has been assigned to your ticket to complete the work

Work Order Finished (email): The technician has finished their assigned task. Technician comments briefly cover what work was done and if more work is required. Our supervisors will forward any additional work to the required specialists in order to finish your request satisfactorily.

Customer Survey (email): Surveys are randomly generated based on a defined frequency in which requests are created. Please let us know how we performed and how we can improve. We are here to serve you and can only change with your input. Thank you!

Notifications about your requested work are emailed to your provided email address from dispatch@georgetown.edu or agent@maintenanceconnection.com

Emails are set up to notify you when your:

  • Request is approved (generates Work Order)
  • Work Order is scheduled
  • Work Order is finished

On rare occasions, you will get emails for the following:

  • Request is rejected – please take note of the missing information and resubmit. If you have questions, please refer to our site instructions or call our Work Management Center at (202) 687-3432.
  • Status Change:
    • Area Not Accessible – Technician could not enter space
    • Waiting for Approval – Funding source under approval
    • Waiting for Contractor Labor – Supervisors are scheduling contractor work
    • Waiting for Parts – Materials are ordered and waiting for delivery

Our Work Management Center sets priorities of every individual ticket based on the description of your request and APPA Facilities Standards. The more details you provide in your requests, the better! Please add to your requests a photo or document with multiple photos and details of past work done if any.

Our top priorities encompass safety, security, hygiene and essential utilities. Please call instead of submitting a request for our top priorities in order to facilitate immediate repairs at (202) 687-3432.

Our top priorities include:

  • Bathrooms (large/shared) soap, paper towels, cleanliness 
  • Electrical power
  • Elevators
  • Exterior doors
  • Flooding
  • Inclement weather
  • Lock access issues
  • Sanitization stations: hand sanitizers, masks and wipes
  • Suspected Microbial Growth (SMG) 
  • Windows: broken glass or frame

Response times are dependent on the volume of campus activities and the capacity of our trades teams. Below is generally the time frames we aim to target.

Our priority levels are: (high volume response times)

  • Emergency: respond within 1-2 hours (1-2 hours)
  • Urgent: respond within 2 days (2-5 days)
  • Routine: respond within 5-7 business days (7-14 days)
  • Scheduled: respond within 2-4 weeks (4-8 weeks)
  • Deferred: tabled for annual deferred maintenance review approval process

There are several ways to follow up on your request. First, review our priorities and expected response times prior to following this follow up process.

  1. Check your email for status updates from dispatch@georgetown.edu or agent@maintenanceconnection.com
  2. Input your request or work order number on our online portal to check for any status changes or technician comments.
  3. Email our Work Management Center for an update.

For any facility emergencies (top priorities defined above), please call at (202) 687-3432.

In the event of a real emergency, please call GUPD at (202) 687-3434.

Wireless connections are supported by Georgetown’s University Information System (UIS). Please visit the UIS Resources page to find support for various wifi and software related tasks. In order to report a Wifi issue, please use one of the following portals below.

  1. Townhouses are supported by GeorgetownSupport@RCN.net or visit the University’s Townhouse support page.
  2. On Campus Residential areas are supported by UIS Help Desk.