Elevator Outages

Georgetown University is committed to ensuring that our campuses are accessible to community members and visitors as part of our commitment to justice and the common good. There are a significant number of elevators that assist university community members in navigating the Main and Medical Center campuses. Occasionally, elevators are taken offline for repair or testing. This site describes resources for navigating and staying aware of elevator outages on campus.

Report an Elevator Outage

Elevator outages are considered an emergency. If you are stuck on an elevator contact GUPD at 202-687-4343. When reporting an outage it is preferred that you call Work Management Center during office hours at 202-687-3432 to report any issues immediately. Alternatively, outage reports can be emailed to workmanagement@georgetown.edu (new window).

Reported Elevator Outages

Accessible Pathways

The Georgetown University interactive campus map includes a “layer” of accessible pathways. The map notes the locations of all Main and Medical Center campus elevators, and can assist with route planning.

Receive Notifications

There are occasional maintenance and testing issues that put campus elevators out of service for a period of time. Most of these outages are only for a few hours. When the only accessible elevator(s) serving a university space are expected to be unusable for 24 hours or more, the university will post an elevator outage notification on this page.