Custodial Services

The Custodial Services division provides professional cleaning services to university buildings by either department staff or contracted employees on a scheduled basis.

Custodial Services provides:

  • Weekly cleaning of common / public areas, academic space, medical, and athletics
  • Weekly disinfection of common touchpoints
  • Weekly trash and recycle collection in offices and weekly full cleaning
  • Snow and ice removal at entryways and walks leading to buildings
  • Deep cleaning of residential living space during breaks
  • See the full summary of services in “Program Highlights and Innovations” below

We have our cleaning frequency table detailed for your reference. For any special requests, please submit an online request (new window) with your work tag information.

Cleaning for Health: COVID-19 Cleaning Precautions

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Custodial Services division has maintained a robust “cleaning for health” program that includes the following key features to keep the community healthy, safe, and confident:

CDC & DC DOH COMPLIANT – All cleaning and disinfection meets or exceeds the latest guidance from the CDC & District of Columbia Department of Health.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING – Custodial staff is trained and regularly retrained in proper disinfection practices, procedures, and PPE.

CHEMICAL AND SUPPLY ENHANCEMENTS – All disinfectants utilized follow the CDC & EPA guidelines and are on List N for effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus.  Microfiber technology is utilized to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and to maximize the effectiveness of pathogen removal.

ROBUST QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCESS – Smart Inspect™ software is used by custodial supervisors to perform regular cleaning audits.  Data is reviewed for root cause analysis and corrective action plans are implemented.  ATP technology is also used to swab and test for invisible organic matter on common touchpoints.  The industry’s leading cleaning consultant Core America performs third-party quality audits. Contact your building’s custodial supervisor to attend an inspection walk or receive results. 

PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION – An online COVID-19 Dashboard is available to the public, and the Every Hoya Everywhere campaign has placed signs throughout the campus.  All custodians have access to mental well-being resources available on campus and are held to the same vaccination requirements as students and staff regularly on campus.

The Custodial Services program is designed to keep the campus clean, attractive, safe, and healthy for all students, faculty, families, and visitors. Custodial Services researches and implements cleaning best-practices as they become available and practical for the campus.  Implemented innovations include:

  • Smart Inspect™ custodial quality assurance technology
  •  Hygiena™ ATP meters and testing of invisible organic matter on common touchpoints
  • Color-coded microfiber cloth and mop system for maximum pathogen removal and to limit cross-contamination
  • Chemical dilution system for safe mixing and application
  • Third-party quality audits, benchmarking, and training by cleaning consultant Core America

Custodial Services partners with cleaning consultant, Core America, to ensure that the university’s program is following the cleaning industry’s best-practices for higher education.  Core is the world’s leading custodial performance improvement consultant and provider of best-practice data, consulting for over 2 billion square feet and over 200 colleges and universities.

Core works with the Custodial Services division to help with:

  • Cleanable square footage measurements and restroom fixture counts
  • Cleaning scope of work design and adjustments according to best-practices and desired outcomes
  • Improvements to supply and equipment inventory and process
  • Third-party quality audits
  • Benchmarking with peers
  • Quality assurance software (Core’s Smart Inspect™ and Smart Tickets™ apps)
  • Specialized training
  • Custodial staffing calculations to balance assignments and duty lists