Our Departments

Business Office

The Business Office is primarily responsible for providing and maintaining the technological resources, human resource and personnel support, and fiscal support for the PFM staff and equipment. Our goal is to ensure the efficiency and optimal functionality of all departmental assets and resources.

For questions about department financial issues: ufshfinance@georgetown.edu
For questions about department HR issues: ufshpersonnel@georgetown.edu

Phone: (202) 687-7553

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects Department manages the design and construction of capital projects across all of the Georgetown University campuses and properties. The Project Managers are responsible for new building construction, major renovations, deferred maintenance, infrastructure, and residential and academic space improvements.

Email: facilitiesplanning@georgetown.edu

Environmental Health & Safety

The Georgetown University Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S) develops, implements, and administers comprehensive environmental health and safety services, policies, and procedures throughout the university community.

Email (non-emergencies only): safetyfirst@georgetown.edu

For the following Emergencies, please call directly.
Safety-related Incidents: (202) 687-6640
Risk Management: (202) 687-6622
After Hours or Medical Emergencies: GUPD at (202) 687-4343

Residential Living

Residential Services is responsible for operational management of all residential buildings on Main & Capital campuses including: Academic Year Housing Assignments & Housing Selection;  Furniture Management, Residential Key & Access Management, and Summer Conferences & Housing. 

Email: ResidentialLiving@georgetown.edu  | Academic Year Housing 
Email: SummerHousing@georgetown.edu | Summer Housing 
Email: ConferenceHousing@georgetown.edu | Summer Conference Housing 

Residential Living Phone: (202) 687-4560

Facilities Management

Facilities Management supports Special Events, Lighting, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Custodial Services, Deferred Maintenance, Special Services and Financial and Billing Procedures on Main campus and a few Off-Campus locations.

Email: workmanagementcenter@georgetown.edu

Work Management: (202) 687-3432
After Hours or Emergencies: GUPD at (202) 687-4343


The Office of Sustainability works on critical sustainability challenges with Georgetown’s academic mission, physical footprint, and financial operations in mind.

Email: sustainability@georgetown.edu


The Office of Transportation Management makes Georgetown University accessible for faculty, staff, students, and visitors through free university shuttles and supporting the use of public transportation, bicycling, and carsharing. OTM also manages on-campus parking operations and administers SmartBenefits for Metrorail and Metrobus riders.

Email: otm@georgetown.edu 

Phone: (202) 687-4372

Off-Campus Operations

Off-Campus Operations is shared between our Facilities Management and Real Estate Offices. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance, utility or use of an off-campus space, please call Work Management to direct you to the correct office.

Email: workmanagementcenter@georgetown.edu

Work Management: (202) 687-3432
Real Estate Office: auxiliary@georgetown.edu
After Hours or Emergencies: GUPD at (202) 687-4343

Energy & Utilities

The Department of Energy and Utilities manages the procurement and distribution of electricity, natural gas, and domestic water and the production and distribution of chilled water and steam for Georgetown University. 

Email: workmanagementcenter@georgetown.edu

Work Management: (202) 687-3432
After Hours or Emergencies: GUPD at (202) 687-4343