Our Team

Capital Projects Provides Leadership, Knowledge, And Technical Expertise To Sustain And Support Campus Facilities. We Are Committed To Providing Outstanding Customer Service And To Safely Completing Projects On Time And Within Budget.  When Necessary We Engage The Assistance Of Architects, Engineers, And Construction Specialists.

Tony Gammon

Assistant Vice President of Capital Projects

Contact: ag2029@georgetown.edu 202-893-6804

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Katherine Williams

Assistant Director of Capital Projects

Contact: kw788@georgetown.edu 202-997-6627

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Carla Tiberi

Assistant Director of Capital Projects

University Landscape Architect

Contact: cst40@georgetown.edu 202-489-4854

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Rachel Kohli

Assistant Director of Project Administration

Contact: rk1182@georgetown.edu 215-802-3373

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Nico Hohman

Assistant Director of Capital Projects

Contact: nh267@georgetown.edu 202-934-6270

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Alex Berley

Senior Project Manager

Contact: adb138@georgetown.edu 571-722-6459

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Jim Duffy

Senior Project Manager

Contact: jjd76@georgetown.edu 202-497-3081

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Rachelle Hendrickson

Senior Project Manager

Contact: fh318@georgetown.edu 202-740-2965

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Chris Jordan

Senior Project Manager

Contact: jordanc1@georgetown.edu 202-439-5719

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Jeff McLoughlin

Senior Project Manager

Contact: jm3562@georgetown.edu 202-945-7061

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Chris Leonberg

Senior Project Manager

Contact: cl1691@georgetown.edu 202-643-0258

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Kelsey Sheridan

Senior Project Manager

Contact: ks2047@georgetown.edu 771-233-2113

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Reemberto Rodriguez Jr.

Project Manager

Contact: rr1288@georgetown.edu

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Metaya Tilahun

Project Manager

Contact: mt1500@georgetown.edu 771-210-6765

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Sheila Hooks-Thompson


Contact: thompss1@georgetown.edu 202-489-4854

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Joanna Groberg


Contact: faganj@georgetown.edu 202-207-8573

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Vivian Zhu

Data Management Analyst

Contact: vz48@georgetown.edu 202-687-7345

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Nathan Norris


Contact: nn480@georgetown.edu 217-766-7993

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