Alumni House


  • 3604 “O” Street (Regular Entrance)
  • 1328 36th Street, 1324 36th Street, 1326 36th Street

Original Construction

  • Date: GU owned since 1930
  • Area: 7,197 Gross.  Original combined space was 7,197 for four townhouses.
  • Cost: Acquired in 1951 for $14,500; 1995 Replacement Value is $1,115,000


  • CM: Coakley-Williams Construction Co.
  • Date: September, 2005
  • Area/Renovated Space: Combined joint space of five townhouses is 10,600 gsf.
  • Cost: Project cost: $5,510,000; Construction cost: $3,750,000
  • Architect: Outerbridge Horsey Associates

Renovation Summaries:  

2005:  Gutted and added full height basement for new phone-a-thon space.  Removed most of the interior wall and provided new facility that transformed five townhouses to one unified facility. 


Built on the corner of 36th and O Streets NW, DC in the late 19th century, the two townhouses became the meeting place of the Alumni Association in 1951 which has been owned by the University since 1930.  They were occupied by renters until 1951.  Old timers will remember this corner as “Stan’s Market”.  The Alumni Association first occupied the houses at 3604 “O” Street and 1328 36th Street in 1951 and 1953.  Two houses, 1324 and 1326 36th Street served as the Placement Office for a while. This group of buildings now house the Alumni Association, and the Alumni Records Department.  

The newly renovated alumni house includes a library, a gallery for art display, a winter garden room for lectures and receptions. On the spot that Stan’s Market once occupied is now the library and study. The facility can serve as a home – away from – home for visiting alumni and friends of Georgetown University.