Alumni Square

Original Construction

  • CM: C.W. Jackson and Associates, Inc. Towson, MD
  • Date: Began November 17, 1982 and completed December 31, 1983.
  • Area: 96,059 Gross Square Feet
  • Cost: $5,728,010 (including $3.2 million loan from the Department of Education); Current Replacement Value is $10,039,000
  • Architect: Hugh N. Jacobson, FAIA, Washington, DC


This student townhouse-apartment complex was first named Village “B” to await a donor.  In 1986 distinguished alumni made a generous contribution and the building complex was named Alumni Square.  The men were:

  • Wallace Groves (C23, L25) to whom units 1-15 are dedicated
  • Joseph Beh (F41) to whom units 16-45 are dedicated
  • J. Nevins McBride (CAS29), a former president of the Alumni Association, for whom units 46-71 are dedicated
  • Eugene P. McCahill (C22, G22) for whom units 72-90 are dedicated.

The name was formally changed to Alumni Square on May 31, 1986.

Alumni Square consists of 90 townhouse-apartment units with 380 student beds.