Annual Staff Recognition Luncheon & Unsung Heroes

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In March, the Planning & Facilities Management Team hosted our annual Staff Recognition Luncheon, an important event which celebrates our employees for their dedicated service and gives well-deserved recognition to exemplary performances. This year, team members received special acknowledgement from a Georgetown University organization, Unsung Heroes. The student organization, headed by Febin Bellamy and Harrison Williams, was created to promote awareness and appreciation for employees who often work behind the scenes to ensure that universities run smoothly, safely and efficiently.

All in attendance were able to view a presentation created by Febin and Harrison highlighting the work of several “unsung heroes” within our department. We were able to listen to personal stories and learn a little more about of some of the hardest working members of the Georgetown University community. We are grateful for the recognition from our community.


Robin Morey

Vice President, Planning& Facilities Management



Instagram: @unsung_hoyas

Twitter: @_unsung_heroes