Employees are provided workstations to perform their duties.  Computers are replaced on a three to four year cycle.  The department follows the University standard for computer type adjusting as necessary for some users.  

Portable workstations can be provided for employees.

When a new employee is to be hired, it is the manager’s responsibility to assure the technology staff is aware of the start date and any additional requirements for technology beyond what the prior incumbent may have had.

When an employee is departing the University, the technology staff should be notified to allow the opportunity to work with the employee to clear the workstation or distribute files before the departure date.  Workstations will be wiped clean before assignment to another employee. The technology staff cannot provide access to employee email or calendar systems.


Generally, individuals are not provided personal printers unless there is a security need for a personal printer.  More industrial printers are spaced throughout the the department office areas so that multiple users can have access to print.  The University has also encouraged use of copiers to do printing.

Printer and toner cartridges will typically be stocked by the Technology staff and can be provided as needed.  Department staff can replace cartridges within machines.


Phones are issued to staff who are require mobile availability. Once the phone is received, it will be replaced when the service period is up unless the phone is defective and unable to be fixed.

Phone and data minutes are shared between users.   Use beyond the plan minutes will require the employee to reimburse the University for the overage.