Basic Science

Original Construction

  • Date: Begun 09/11/67 and completed 3/29/72
  • Area: 55,719 gsf.
  • Architect: Ellerbe & Mariani


  • Date: Started; 10/2005; Completed 2006.
    • Renovated Area: Upgraded and refurbished two existing elevators.
    • Renovation Architect: S3E Klingeman


Summary of Renovation:

2006: Upgrades made to two elevators started October 2005 and completed in 2006.

2006: First Fl.Chemistry Lab

2006: Replace MCC Panels and the Heat Exchanger



Basic Science is primarily a Medical Research laboratory and office building. This building is used for laboratories, classrooms, and offices (physiology, biophysics, and pathology).

This building houses the following: Part of the Biology Department, Department of Pathology including the Main Office, the Administrator(?), Research on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Immunology Chemistry Lab, Research and Administration, Ophthalmic Lab, Pathology, Pathology Association and Naturopathy.

Alterations were made in the first floor Viral Lab in 1971. A new Cold Room was added in 1975. Connection was made for cooling tower and pumps to Emergency Generator in 1972. The Atomic Energy Commission (A.E.C.) surveyed fume hoods in 1974. Third floor rooms were renovated for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 1990. The Fire Alarm System was also updated.