Human Resources Support


The Business Office of Planning and Facilities Management (PFM) provides central support in the areas of budget and finance, human resources and technology to ensure that PFM department staff have information and resources to complete their area’s tasks.


Staff in the PFM Business Office serve as liaisons with University Human Resources, Risk Management, Benefits and other offices with whom staff must interact. While staff may meet directly with these University Offices, our staff can help facilitate discussions to assist in resolution to questions. We provide support for the following:

Vehicle Authorization Processing

The University has a Vehicle Use Policy that is managed for the Planning and Facilities Management department by the PFM Business Office.  All employees required or wanting to drive University vehicles must be designated authorized drivers. This is an annual process requiring employees to have a motor vehicle use check annually.

While driver authorization is not required to drive golf cart vehicles, the policy does require that employees who drive these vehicles have a valid driver’s license.

Department employees will be notified by PFM Business Office staff when it is time for the authorization to be renewed.  Please be prepared to provide the

If there is a question whether the employee’s position requires authorization, s/he should check with his or her manager.

If the motor vehicle check results in questions, the employee’s supervisor will be notified.

Between authorization periods, employees are responsible for notifying his or her supervisor and the PFM Business Office of any occurrence that invalidates his or her driving license.

Please click here to view authorized drivers.

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GOCard Access Coordination for Department Staff and Contractors

For department employees and sponsored SUAs (contractors), the Business Office works with the University GOCard Office to provide access to campus facilities where appropriate.  

Department staff access should automatically be assigned based on attributes of the positions (position, assigned work area(s), work schedule, etc.). When an employee or manager finds that access is not as expected, the Business Office should be contacted to coordinate the appropriate level of access.

Department sponsored SUAs are given access as requested by the department sponsor. It is the department sponsor’s responsibility to assure that the SUA uses the GOCard appropriately.   If the SUA is no longer doing work for the University or for the department, the Business Office should be notified so that assigned GOCard access can be removed.

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Staff Record Management

Our office maintains staff files for employees of the department.  While managers may also retain files for their employees, the department file should reflect all actions related to the employee hire. Employees are permitted to come to the office to view the information in their file but it may not be removed from the office.

Information requests on behalf of employees or for disciplinary items must be approved by University Human Resources.

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When an employee (regular, temporary or student staff) or SUA leaves the University, the Business Office staff will process the necessary paperwork to remove that person from the Georgetown systems.  Managers and sponsors are asked to do the following:

  • Provide the Business Office with the original resignation letter or other paperwork indicating the employee’s departure date as soon as it is available.
  • If the employee is retiring, please encourage him/her to make an appointment with Benefits.
  • If employee or SUA uses a university computer, coordinate a meeting time with Technology staff to assure files that need to be maintained are moved appropriately and any personal items are removed.
  • On the last day worked:
    • Collect keys and return to appropriate office
    • Collect IDs, Procurement cards, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. and return to Business Office
    • If a uniform is provided, assure that all are returned.

The Business Office staff can prove resourceful in this process and can assure that the transition from the department is as effective as possible.

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