G.U. Press

Original Construction:

  • Date: Acquired in 1944, Occupied by the Black Student Alliance from 1970 – 93.  Georgetown University Press 1993
  • Area: 2,054 Gross Square Feet
  • Current Replacement Value: $623,000


The Black Student Alliance was organized in the mid-sixties as a part of a consciousness concerning unrest among minority students. It was first quartered in New North and moved to this building in 1970. It provides a forum for discussion of problems encountered by minority students and is intended to give them a voice. Participating organizations are: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, The Coalition for the Advancement of Hispanic Americans and the Caribbean Culture Circle.

This function moved to 1410 36th Street which is under the management of Georgetown’s Endowment Property.

This building is currently occupied by the Georgetown University Press, a publisher of scholarly books in the fields of Languages and Linguistics (especially Romance Linguistics) and ethics (Christian, professional and bioethics). It prints from 15 to 25 books per year and has almost 150 titles in print. The books are printed and bound by outside vendors and sold mainly by mail order through the Fulfillment Center in Baltimore.

Occupants include the Press Office and its Editorial Office consisting of Directors of Marketing, Production Management and Office Manager will move in from the Car Barn.