Original Construction:

  • Area: 69,855 Gross Square Feet
  • Architects:
    • Original  - C.W. Keferstein & C.A. Didden
    • 1957 Renovation – Murphy and Locraft
    • 1983 Renovation, Mariani

Renovation Summaries:

2005:  Elevator refurbishment and upgrade.


The Nevils Building was formed in 1957 by consolidating units of the Old Georgetown University Hospital; the building at the corner of 35th & N Streets, unnamed, (1905), the Original Hospital (1898), Lisner (1908), Riggs, the original School of Nursing (1903), Kober-Leclerc (1904) and Jung (1912) all became a part of Nevils.

  • Pre-1947: Old Hospital
  • 1947-57: Old Dormitory Rooms, Graduate School
  • 1957: Offices and classrooms for the Graduate School, Summer and Continuing Education, the Business School and Institute of Languages and Linguistics.  The history of the Nevils Building embraces events after the above mentioned consolidation and renaming in 1957.

In 1983 a complete renovation, replaced the building infrastructure systems, added new windows and pointed the exterior brick envelope, provided handicapped accessibility and complete security for conversion to student dormitory apartments designed to house 224 students.