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Modernizing Workspace: Georgetown Uptown 

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As part of our ongoing effort to support the talent that meets the needs of a global university, Georgetown is applying an innovative design concept, currently utilized across cutting-edge industries and peer institutions, to the renovation of administrative workspace. Georgetown Uptown will reimagine space with adaptable workspace that provides greater access to people and departments, emphasizes the health and well-being of every employee and ultimately creates a destination accessible to all Georgetown University community members. Today, a mix of regular full-time employees, mobile workers, part-time employees, contract workers and consultants work together across disciplines in space that does not support their fluid linkages. Georgetown Uptown will provide a brighter, more open environment of shared space and hoteling options that better supports both collaboration and focused work.

Modern Workspace

From the current design phase to the completion of the Georgetown Uptown project, consistent staff engagement will be vitally important. With our design partner Studios Architecture, we have begun conducting focus groups with employees to best understand their needs and hopes for a new space. A forum on the project will be hosted early in 2018.  Employee insights will inform our work and help establish standards for future workspaces.

In each redesigned administrative workspace, we aim to:

  • Create a Resource Destination – Create destinations with purpose and strong identity that are seamlessly connected to the Hilltop campus
  • Anticipate the Future – Modernize the workplace and set the bar for future projects
  • Enhance Collaboration, Leverage Our People – Reshape how we work together, fostering synergies via colocation, smart technologies, and policies
  • Be Our Best Stewards – Reduce our leased footprint through more efficient utilization of space
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