Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this being done? 

Today, a mix of mobile workers, part-time employees, contract workers and consultants work together across disciplines in space that does not support their fluid linkages. Georgetown Uptown will provide a brighter, more open environment of shared space and hoteling options that better encourages both collaborations and focused work.

Georgetown Uptown exemplifies the University’s continued effort to recruit and retain a talented workforce that can thrive professionally while helping to fulfill Georgetown’s mission.

Why Now?

We anticipate the expiration of multiple leases on Wisconsin Avenue, creating near-term redevelopment opportunities.

What is the project timeline?

Notable project dates are as follows:

Construction begins – Third quarter 2018

Project Delivery- – Third quarter 2019

Where will my office or workspace be located during construction?

Individual employee workspaces will not be relocated during construction. Construction will be completed in two phases and employees will relocate as the new space is ready at two distinct times.

What changes should I expect to my workplace? 

Overall private office space will decrease as a result of moving to a more open concept (modern design, free/collaborative spaces, increased amenities, increased natural light, increased group meeting spaces, etc.). Individual workspaces will be aligned with the employee’s workplace assignments and day-to-day responsibilities.

The renovation will include private and quiet workspaces available to all levels of staff.

If my current workspace is altered upon the renovation, how will I be notified?

Supervisors will notify their staff of the employee’s assigned individual workspace.

What does this change in office spaces mean for teleworking and hoteling?

The renovated spaces will be designed to support and enhance these workplace strategies.

Will affected employees have opportunities to provide input into the new design concepts?

Yes. Throughout the project planning phase, employees will have opportunities to express questions, concerns and what they would like to see in the renovated space. Several focus groups and forums will be held, where employees can engage directly with University leadership and design teams regarding the concept. More information regarding the scheduling of these events will follow.

How will parking be affected?

The number of parking spaces at these locations will not be affected. Employees that are registered and have parking today will continue to have parking moving forward.