Financial and Billing Procedures

Funding Responsibility

Facilities Management  receives an annual allocation of funds in its operating budget for basic maintenance and repair, operations, and utility service for the University community.  Other specially requested services, such as shelf installation or non-routine painting are normally provided for a fee.  All services to the Jesuit Community and other activities or departments that are supported by non-general funds are also charged to the appropriate department.

The Facilities Management Department  categorizes its services for billing procedures according to the following cost breakdown:

  • Service work requires less than 8 hours of labor and/or costs less than $500.
  • Minor work costs between $500 and $5,000.
  • Major work costs between $5,000 and $50,000.
  • Minor projects cost between $50,000 and $250,000 and require establishment of a budget with the Office of the Treasurer. 
  • Major/capital projects exceed $250,000 and must be approved by the University Board of Directors.

Charges for Work Requests

Facilities Management  services are normally billed through the work order system.  Every facility work request is assigned an individual work request number which enables a department to track the request, and the requestor to monitor the status of the work.

Specific work orders are established for all major and minor work requests, and for any other requests of lesser scope that require individual cost accounting.  Detailed accounting of all costs for each specific work order are provided upon request.  Requestors are able to query their particular work order through the on-line system for cost detail.

Work Pricing

Work performed by Facilities Management  for a fee is priced in several different ways:

  • Work Performed at cost: The majority of work performed by Facilities Management  through its zones and central shops is billed to the user at cost, a total charge determined by the actual price of the labor, materials, and equipment used.  Most service work orders and minor work orders are priced at cost.
  • Maintenance Agreements: Facilities Management  arranges annual fixed price maintenance agreements for those functions which it is not staffed or qualified to perform, e.g., elevator maintenance.  Periodic major repairs or replacements are not normally included in an annual maintenance agreement.


Work performed at cost is billed monthly as charges occur.  Statements summarizing these monthly charges are prepared and distributed by work order number.  The time required to receive material invoices from vendors and process payments often results in billing for some charges well after the actual completion of work.

Services Provided by Facilities Management:

  • Maintenance/repair of buildings and their installed heating, ventilation/air conditioning systems; and electrical, plumbing, or other special system and equipment installed as integral parts of the buildings.  This includes preventive maintenance.
  • Painting of interior and exterior surfaces on a periodic, scheduled basis.
  • Maintenance and repair of basic classroom furniture such as seats, lecterns, and blackboards.
  • Maintenance of walks, roads, and drainage; and care of lawns, trees, and shrubs.  Basic scheduled custodial and refuse collection services.
  • Maintenance and  distribution of building systems for heat, water, gas, compressed air, electric power,  and street lighting.
  • Inspection and assessment of existing buildings to determine need for major repairs to building systems (roof, windows, structure, HVAC systems, electrical, fire alarm, etc.).

Services Normally Charged to the Department Requesting Service.

  • Maintenance and repair of special classroom equipment, special lighting or sound installations, office furniture and furnishings; laboratory equipment; and other departmental property.
  • Renovation, alteration, or improvements to facilities.
  • Painting or decorating beyond the level provided under basic maintenance budgets.  Replacement of movable equipment such as carpets, furnishing, draperies, and window coverings.
  • Inter-office or building to building furniture or equipment moving services (done by contract or in-house employees).
  • Fabrication of cabinets, shelves, signs, and other miscellaneous items; furniture repair (excluding basic classroom furniture) and re-upholstering.
  • Special custodial or refuse collection services which are in addition to those normally provided by Facilities Management.
  • Shredding services.
  • Services required to set up special events (such as graduations, or large University  functions).