Service and Maintenance

Most routine maintenance, inspection, and repair are services budgeted by Facilities Management and are not charged to the department requesting the service.  Work requests for service work fall into three categories:

  • Routine service work is handled on a first-in-first-out basis and normally will be completed within seven calendar days, if materials are available.
  • Urgent service work is usually handled within two calendar days.  Items in this category include dripping faucets, extreme temperature complaints, powerless outlets, etc.
  • Emergency service work is required to eliminate hazards, prevent significant damage, or prevent the disruption of scheduled activities.  Emergency service work is begun immediately and continues until the hazard is eliminated.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is periodic scheduled work to provide adjustments, cleaning, minor repairs, and routine inspections of equipment and facilities.  Facilities Management plans and schedules this type of maintenance work to prolong the life of equipment and reduce interruptions of building systems, utilities, and equipment operations. 

Maintenance and Repairs

In order to maintain campus facilities in peak condition, Facilities Management  inspectors periodically inspect and evaluate the condition of facilities, identifying any necessary corrective work.  Inspectors also administer a preventive maintenance program to routinely inspect, test, and service facility components and systems, such as elevators, fire protection systems, boilers, pressure vessels, and emergency lighting systems, ensuring that they meet applicable codes and regulations.

The Facilities Management Department divides the University into 3 maintenance zones (Science, Academic- Administrative, and Residential Living), assigning a team of skilled mechanics to each zone.  The department also oversees central shops consisting of: air conditioning, plumbing, carpentry, lock and key, low voltage electric, roofing, and electronic systems.

Custodial Services

The Facilities Management Department’s Custodial Services Division provides custodial services to University buildings by either department staff or contracted employees on a scheduled basis.  A program of custodial care is provided to each building based upon need and funding availability. Residence halls, classrooms, offices, hallways, entrances, and stairs are cleaned on a scheduled basis as are carpets, and floors.  Custodial Services also removes snow and ice at entryways and walks leading into buildings.  Limited custodial services are provided on weekends.  

Landscape Maintenance and Waste Management & Recycling

Facilities Management’s Landscape Department provides a planned program of grounds care that includes planting and care of flowers, shrubs, lawn, and trees.  Road and walkway cleaning services and maintenance, and local solid waste removal and receptacle pickup services are provided by the Department’s Solid Waste & Recycling Shop.  These two shops also perform inclement weather support, including snow and ice control, in support of University operations and special events.

Solid Waste & Recycling oversees University-wide solid waste collection and disposal.  In addition to the scheduled service, special pickups are provided for a fee.

Questions concerning grounds care or refuse collection services should be referred to the Work Management Center, (202) 687-3432.

The responsibility for recycling operations rests with the  Facilities Management  Department, although every member of the University community is required to actively support and participate in the recycling program.  The campus-wide recycling program, mandated by a District of Columbia law, began in February of 1990.  For more information, visit Recycling at Georgetown.